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Ekiti Bank Robbery: CCTV Captured Staff Stealing Money From Vault Before Robbers Arrived – Police

Valentine Chinyem



Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Mr Asuquo Amba, has ordered a proper investigation into the robbery incident at a new generation bank in Oye-Ekiti, in which some staff were seen in a footage from the close circuit camera installed in tha bank, stealing money from the vault 10-minutes before the robbers arrived.

The commissioner said, the mode of operation of the robbers, is similar to another robbery attack on a bank at Ise Ekiti about two months ago,

While speaking on the robbery incident on Friday, the police commissioner said there seems to be connivance between the robbers and an insider in the bank, adding that, the assailants attacked the police station in the town before heading to the bank where they carted away over N25 million.

He added that Mohammed Adamu, the inspector general of police (IGP), had ordered an investigation into the incident.

“The IGP has directed that there must be a very thorough investigation and that this mode of operation must be brought to fore,” he said.

“What baffles me is that there was nexus between the robbers and insiders in the banking premises. The Oye Police Division is about one or two poles from here. It was the first point of attack. The bankers confirmed that they heard the shots and it took about 10 minutes before the robbers arrived at the bank from there.

“Within the period, there were some activities that went on inside the bank. It is either there was strict connivance, or that the bank officials took advantage to carry out their own intention which an investigation would prove.

“Between the time the robbers attacked our men and the time the robbery took place, the staff had enough time to escape through the exit door. They were captured by CCTV moving in and out of the vault. The vault was even opened before the robbers came.”

Amba said the police recovered a carton containing over N2 million that was hidden in the bank before the operation.

“Despite the opportunity, none of them made efforts to escape, they were stuffing money and there is evidence to prove this,” he said.

“The staff opened the vault by 3.05 p.m. and the robbers blew up the security door at 3.12 p.m., this gave a strong suspicion that there was internal collaboration in this matter.

“The carton was hidden under the table within the banking hall. This should be part of the loots from the strong room.”

The robbery incident led to the death of a policeman and a 5-year old girl.