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Easy Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Its Effectiveness




Whether it is adults, children or senior citizens, everyone is affected by obesity. The following article talks about a few easy yoga poses that can help you fight the same.

As per statistical data by the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, over 650 million adults in the US were obese, out of which, 39% were men and 40% were women. About 13% of the world’s population was obese, out of which, 11% were men and 15% were women. The pervasiveness of obesity has tripled between 1975 and 2016.

The cause for such is inactivity, consumption of processed or junk food, toxic lifestyle, etc. Adhering to such a regime for long is the root cause of health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, increased risk of cardiac arrest, etc. Such diseases influence health if not taken care of.

Practicing yoga with commitment and devotion can keep such issues at bay. Yes, it can help you with weight loss if done in a systematic sequence. You can find a yoga teacher in Rishikesh that can help you with the same. If you can’t go to Rishikesh any sooner, here are a few easy yoga poses for weight loss you can practice:

1.       Surya namaskar (Sun Salutations): This pose comprises of 12 steps which must be exercised for 30 seconds each. It acts as a cardio workout which increases blood circulation, allows the maximum intake of oxygen and removes toxins from the body. Such actions build heat in the body which stimulates metabolism and helps you lose weight. Regular practice of this pose promotes regular menstrual cycle. It also enhances the nervous system and improves memory. It balances activities of the thyroid and endocrine gland and hence, decreases stress and anxiety and promotes calmness.

2.       Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): Practicing this pose regularly stimulates the digestive, urinary and reproductive system. It stretches the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and chest and strengthens the spine. The stretch in the abdomen improves metabolism and manages weight in the body. Holding the pose for at least 15 seconds acts as a heart and lung opener and allows ample circulation of oxygen in the body. It also develops flexibility in the spine and keeps the buttocks firm.

3.       SetuBandhasana (Bridge Pose): Regular practice of this pose stretches the neck, back, and chest. As you hold the pose for 15 seconds, it boosts blood circulation in the body. Increased blood circulation controls blood pressure, releases tension from the mind and body, relieves mild depression, insomnia, and headache. It massages the digestive organs and increases digestion. Also, it enhances the functioning of the thyroid gland which regulates metabolism.

4.       AdhoMukhaSvanasana (Downward-Facing Dog): This inverted pose compresses the abdominal muscles and stretches as well as strengthens them. As there is a reversal in the pull of gravity, it promotes the circulation of blood in the body. Apart from abdominal muscles, it also compresses the digestive organs, liver, kidney, and spleen helpful in enhancing digestion. Since the body weight is on the hands and feet, it tones the limbs and develops muscles strength. For a detailed study of this pose, find a yoga teacher in India.

5.       Navasana (Boat Pose): This pose is especially designed to focus on the core. It stretches and engages your spine, abdomen, shoulder blades, the frontal area of the trunk, pelvis as well as limbs. It activates prostate glands, kidneys, intestines and thyroid gland beneficial in detoxification of the body. It massages as well as strengthens the abdominal organs and promotes digestion. Moreover, regular practice of this pose improves focus and concentration. It also tones and strengthens the reproductive system

Practice these easy yoga poses to fight obesity. It will not only help you manage the weight but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.