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Details about ECG Scan in Mumbai

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ECG is Electrocardiogram, a test done to measure the electrical activity of a person’s heart in order to check any abnormality related to it.

A person is asked to lie down and relax. A few selected areas on the arms, legs, and chest are cleaned by the health care provider. Small patches of electrodes are attached to the body at those places. The body’s natural electrical system causes the heart muscles to contract. This pumps blood from the heart to other parts of the body. When the body’s electrical system doesn’t function properly, many heart conditions can occur causing health issues.

The electrodes are connected by wires to a machine that converts the signals from the heart into a graph/ waves which are printed on a paper. The wave pattern is studied to check the abnormalities. 

Mumbai, the financial capital of the country is a city that never sleeps. People are always up and about either rushing to work, or home, or traveling from one place to another. There is a lot of stress, anxiety riding on people’s shoulders along with pollution in various forms. All these together affect the health of the citizens in many ways, especially the heart.

ECG scan in Mumbai can be done at any of those numerous diagnostic centers that have sprouted all over the city. The multi-specialty and super-specialty hospitals have ECG machines where patients get their tests done one after another. In fact, there are portable ECG machines which the doctors carry along for emergency situations. Small but powerful equipment, it helps save lives. Many heart problems can be diagnosed by using ECG as a primary tool.

In what circumstances do doctors recommend ECG?

·         In case of high blood pressure.

·         When a person experiences abnormal chest pain.

·         When a person’s family has a history of heart diseases.

·         As a part of the pre-surgery test.

·         If a doctor hears anything unusual while listening to a patient’s heartbeat.

·         To test the effect of drugs or devices.

The cost of the test is different in different cities. It may, in fact, vary even in the same city. But, ECG scan cost in Mumbai on an average is about Rs. 225/-. The results can be obtained immediately. The health care provider can give a basic preliminary diagnosis though it is recommended that the result should be taken to a doctor for a thorough examination.

The results of the test will depend on the conditions in which it was conducted. So it has to be seen that there are as little deflections as possible for an accurate result. A person who has had a heart attack or heart-related issues may have to go for ECG more than once to ensure that the results are matching and accurate to the best extent. ECG is included as a part of regular health checkup for people over the age of 40. As the test is painless, there is no reason fear the process.