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Don’t Look Inside Part 2



Recalling Part 1 of this article, I concluded that using substandard materials for our projects can be more a waste of money than a saving, overhead for the tenant and can end up affecting the prices of standard products in a negative way for the consumer.

This time around I want to face the other side of the Real Estate developing sector issue which is expert hands to execute the noble job of building.

Everybody wants to be an architect, a civil engineer or a building project manager, but no one is eager to be a tiler, a bricklayer or a plumber. The truth is that we have more than enough of architects while we are desperately in need of good tilers.  It is ironic that when we want to explain to our customer that we have a good tiler in our team, we are proud to quote that our tiler is a Togolese. We are very good in praising our neighbour country, even if that means discrediting ours. Have we ever stopped to think what the Togolese have that Nigerians do not? I did, and got to a conclusion.

First of all he feels appreciated: I strongly believe it is totally necessary to eradicate the depreciation of our workmanship culture in order to raise the standard of our projects. Work dignifies man, when we dignify the work. A tiler work is a crafting work in other countries, it can be affected on salary according to the country’s economy, but will never be depreciated in his intrinsical value gain over the years thanks to a culture of appreciation of the workmanship also called craftsmanship.

Secondly he receives adequate preparation: We can’t have good expertise if we do not budget on education, hand work is not only practical, as there is a lot of useful theory to be thought. I believe that in a country with a building plan scheme of decades it will be positive for government to encourage crafting preparation. It is demonstrated that everything in life is not going to University and technical and professional preparation and specialization modules or careers are giving way to a lot of different job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

Thirdly are the tools, because a good finishing is determined by the hands that are executing the job, together with the appropriate tools needed for it, which we will be able to recognize after receiving the appropriate training.

We should use foreign expertise to be properly trained, not replaced. Understanding that the last on the chain is at the same time the most important, will help us to build an improved and standard building concept.

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Nancy Martínez Fasoro.

Consultant Specialist Nigeria Market.