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Auto Parts Store App for Africa



For discerning business people, Africa is a gold mine just waiting to be mined! But, it is important to know exactly where the gold vein is before you head up to the mine and start digging. For those who develop applications (popularly known as “apps”), Africa is a huge market!

More and more people own cars across Africa, which has made the auto part business a huge market in the continent. However, one of the major problems in the auto part business in Africa is the lack of proper inventory management.  Auto repair shop owners often have to go to several stores in order to find the right auto parts – there are times when they have to go to over five different auto parts stores before they finally find what they are looking for, and at the ideal price.

Developing Auto Parts Store App for Africa


  • The app should be able to help auto repair store owners and even handy drivers to find auto and electric part businesses within their locality.


  • Most auto repair store owners work within a budget, developing an app that will help them find auto parts prices from top suppliers will be an added advantage. People who are auto repair shop owners or auto body technicians will benefit from using an app like this in order to make estimating repairs easy.


  • The app should be able to help users find and compare prices of auto parts from different brands.


  • Many of the auto parts store apps used outside the continent of Africa can only be downloaded used by people who use Android and iPhones. In Africa, not every auto repair shop owner can afford to use an iPhone or other expensive types of phones. The auto parts store app that you develop should not be meant for ONLY specific brand of phones.


  • When it comes to making good money with apps for the African market, you should stay away from developing an app targeted towards one country or one region.  You will not make the type of money that you would normally have made if you choose to develop auto parts store app for just Ghana or strictly for West Africa. Thanks to the power of the internet, a lot of business people shop from other parts of Africa (and even outside the continent of Africa), and have they goods shipped to them.  An auto part(s) may be too expensive within the user’s country, or not even be available at all. With a well designed auto parts store apps for Africa, the user may find a more affordable option in another part of the continent and have their purchases shipped over to them.


  • Most importantly, know where to market your app. You can use the services of Africa GSM operators in order to accomplish this task. This is because 70 percent of Africans will not leave their homes without their cell phones. You are sure to reach your target market by promoting your apps through GSM service providers.


Never underestimate just how much money you can make from taking advantage of good business opportunities in Africa.

See you at the top!