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Caterpillar Has Established an Online Learning Platform for Technicians



Those who aspire to be technicians in Nigeria, DR Congo and Mozambique are now able to achieve their dream without spending any money on apprenticeship thanks to Caterpillar a well known heavy machinery manufacturer.

The company has launched an online learning platform for Nigerians, Congolese and Mozambicans that will like to be technicians. The website which forms part of the pilot-phase of the Technicians for Africa Project has French, English and Portuguese versions. Any one that has the ambition to build strong career as heavy equipment technician in these companies can take advantage of the website to acquire relevant skills. The introduction of this e-learning platforms built on the existing e-learning solutions provided by the company.

The Regional Manager of the company, David Picard who talked during the launching of the website said that the newly launched e-learning platform was one of the ways through which the company uplifted the acquisition of skills in the entire industry. In his speech, he highlighted on the need for skilled labour in the country in the heavy equipment sectors and the related industries.

People from Nigeria, DR Congo and Mozambique that want to make use of the website can do that without paying any money. The basic Caterpillar Technical curriculum will be made available to them free of charge. At the completion of the programme, the participants will be issued with certificates. The programme will help them to upgrade their knowledge and technical skills.

The Learning and Development Manager of Caterpillar, Maurice Manders said that lack of sufficient technical knowledge prevented school leavers from establishing themselves in the labour market.

The curriculum of the new free technical learning program consists of 18 modules that provide instructions and lessons on the primary fundamental systems such as hydraulic and powertrain, fundament systems such as powertrain, hydraulics and electrical.