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A Tech Company About to Discover A Way of Bringing Humans Back After Death



Humai which is a technology company is on the verge of making a great discovery of all time. The company has disclosed that it is currently working on a project that will make it possible for human consciousness to be given an artificial body at the demise of the original body.

According to the company, the project is expected to be completed in 30 years. The company wants to create people’s imprint after their death by storing data on their conversational styles, thought processes, patterns of behaviour and pattern of the function of the body using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.

The data obtained in this way will be coded into multiple sensor technologies which together with a deceased person’s brain will be transferred into an artificial body.

The cloning technology as explained by the company will be utilized to restore the brain as it matures.

Humai is Los Angeles tech based company founded by Josh Bocanegra who is funding the project alone. Bocanegra explained that the cryonics technology will be used to free the brain of the dead person. The brain according to him will be implanted into an artificial body when the technology is fully developed.

Bocanegra expressed optimism that his company would be able to resurrect the first dead person with their technology in the next three decades.