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Beware of Internet Scammers: Zenith Bank Warns Customers



Zenith Bank which is one of the leading banks in the country has warned its customers to be wary of internet scammers when they carry out any online transaction.

The bank in its official statement advised its customers to be careful when sending their personal and financial details online so that they will not fall prey to online scammers.

According to the statement, the bank only uses Naira and not any foreign currency for all internet transactions. The statement also mentioned that the right website of the bank which is headquartered in Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria is

The statement raised alarm over the existence of several fraudulent websites created by fraudsters who impersonate the staffs or directors of the bank sending emails, letters and calling unsuspecting customers on telephone.

The statement disclosed the strategies used by these internet hoodlums in duping their clients such as employment offer with outrageous terms and conditions in the name of the bank, claim of access to a large US dollar account whose owner has died and claim to winning contract that is worth of large US dollars.

The Bank in this statement said that it would not be held responsible or bear the loss resulting from any transaction carried out fraudulently in the manner described above in name of the Bank.

It urged its customers to disregard mails and letters sent by the fraudsters in the above manner.