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AUN Students Made Solar Oven and Chicken Tractors



Some of the students of American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola have utilized Kenya technology in producing solar ovens and chicken tractor. This was disclosed in the website of the school.

As published in the university’s website, a design developed during the 1990s in Kenyan refugee camp was used by some students to make the solar oven and chicken tractors. These students are being taught CDV 107 by Professor Charles Reith.

The team that created the solar ovens used recycled cardboard, aluminum foil, glue and masking tape to create them. According the report, it took the group about 45 minutes to create each of the ovens using the Kenyan design.

The oven was tested by the students by cooking a pot of noodles with it. The oven cooked the noodles in about 10 minutes in the presence of Prof. Reith and some other persons from the institution.

According the information on the university’s website the chicken tractors were created by two student teams using pieces of chicken wire and scrap metal that have been trashed.

The university website described a chicken tractor as a screened-in boxes and portable cage utilised for the preparation of soil for planting by organic farmer. A chicken is confined in the tractor to consume the scratch and fertilise the soil with guano as it consumes all the weeds there.

The use of chicken tractor by farmers according the university website is one of the means through which organic farmers make their farms to be fertile without making use of any costly and harmful chemically produced fertilizers.

It will be noted that the university has participated actively in humanitarian activities not just in Yola but in the whole of the region. In line with its humanitarian effort, the oven and tractors will be given to villagers during their November visit to the villages.