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African Technology Start Ups Shining .



Technologically, Africa seems to be a mobile only continent. Mobile devices and all their accessories are the present gold mine in the whole of Africa. So the most innovative technological start up companies, address this gold mine for what it is. African internet and mobile usage recent figures show great promise and room for much improvement. Of Africa’s 1Billion people, only 16% are online but the numbers are rising. 720 million plus Africans have mobile phones. 167 million already use the internet of which 52 million are on Facebook. Consultancy McKinsey gave these figures in a report titled “Lions Go Digital”. So which are the start ups that are using these figures to advantage?

The founders of great info site, ‘Ushahidi’ called this brick like device “The Internet’s Backup Generator” and they are right. You need this device to survive the unreliability of the African internet. It can connect to and keep up to 20 devices for 8 hours. This ability to handle power failures gives this device’s huge prospects in the African tech market.

Paperight is a technological innovation that turns education into a win-win for everybody involved. Publishers, Institutions, students and even small print shops, everybody wins. Arthur Attwell who created this would have been eligible to win the Nobel Prize for fine ideas if there had been one for such a category.

Jumia is qualified to be called the “African Amazon Online Market Place”. The Nigerian online market place offers cash-on-delivery services in most populous cities of Nigeria and beyond. When products are ordered online mostly via phones, they are promptly delivered by motorcyclist couriers to the client’s home or office where cash can be paid and delivery made.

With Nigeria’s high rate of skepticism, Sim Shagaya still managed to prove critics wrong with this one of three digital giants he has been able to create. Giving Africa one of its largest deal sites is no small feat. Dealdey is bucking all the odds to shine.

Irokotv calls itself “The World’s Largest Online Distributor Of African Content”. Well, all Africans living abroad want to keep watching their favourite cinema and more so with the amount of movies that come out of Nigeria these days. Nollywood is no doubt the Bollywood of Africa. Irokotv gives the online community the advantage of enjoying African content.

We have mentioned that African internet use is mostly mobile-only. This is what mPawa is capitalizing on with this digital innovation. mPpawa matches employers and employees through skills and experience. But their services are mostly SMS based. This shows a total understanding of the trend of African internet usage which provides the opportunity to shine.

These start ups are not the only ones that will shine in Africa this year but they are the ones that have just been mentioned. You shall get to read about others as the year progresses and new innovations have been born to Africa, for Africans, and by Africans.