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How to motivate Ugandan youths in the Diaspora.



The Ugandan youths in the diaspora need to be encouraged to bring the change by coming together and initiating a dialogue about how opportunities can be explored and turned into successful milestones, hence shaping the future of Uganda. Every year Ugandan UK Convention takes place which talks about the investment opportunities in different sectors in Uganda. It provides a platform for exchanging of views and bonding for the Ugandan diaspora on the matters of common interests. This year Uganda UK Convention 2014 is going to take place on 13th September 2014.

A youth forum was established in 2012 in conjunction with the Ugandan Convention 2012. As the Ugandan immigrant population ages, a need was felt for the Ugandan youth to take over when most of people in Uganda had gone back home. The average age of active money remitters is 45 years and 10 years ahead, most of them would retire or would have less energy to work. Consequently, there will be lesser money remitted back home and lesser foreign deposits. So there is a need to prepare them not only as future leaders but as Ugandans who can increase the flow of remittance to Uganda.

The open dialogue as a result of the forum would promote increased political participation from the Ugandan youths and help in developing concrete plans of action for increasing the role of the youth in development processes and peace in Uganda. This would also increase the socio-economic, technological and cultural relations of Ugandan youth by bringing them together and initiating an open dialogue.

The Ugandans in the Nordic countries have been encouraged by the parliament to form associations as a collective step to enable investment in Uganda. Addressing at the Uganda’s 51st Independence event in Denmark, the Ambassador of Uganda to denamrk . H.E. Zaake Kibedi appealed to Ugandans in diaspora to use associations to raise enough money for investment at home. He said that in order to invest in Uganda, a minimum amount of one million dollars is needed and since there are 10,000 Ugandans in the Nordics, each can contribute $200 to raise $2,000,000 which is more than enough to invest in an ordinary venture of value addition.

Also there is law for Ugandan diaspora which is in draft form and which intends to solve a number of issues like providing opportunities for everyone in the diaspora to participate and contribute to national development, opening a dialogue and steps for cooperation among the diaspora and their country, protecting the businesses and properties of Ugandans, enabling externalisation to recognise the academic education gained in Uganda or abroad for seeking employment, enhancing coordination and administrative systems supporting the diaspora programmes in Uganda as one stop centres and externalisation of labour for increasing national income through remittances.

In order to help the Ugandan diaspora address the parliamentary issues, the parliament has opened a help desk to bridge the gap between the parliament and the Ugandan diaspora. A group email was also set up as: