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African Women That Will Shake the Technological Sector.



Although the African technological sector is male dominated, a few African Women are building successful and innovative tech companies that are breaking ground in the industry. They are setting new standards for the sector and creating innovations, ideas, products and services that result in dynamic businesses. They are also smiling to the bank in the process. These are the women adding innovations to the African technological industry.

Rebecca Enonchong – Cameroon.
Rebecca is the founder of Apps Tech, a Bethesda, Maryland based world provider of enterprise app solutions. Founded in 1999, the company has a clientele spread over 40 countries on 3 continents. An oracle (ORCS +0.55%) partner, the company offers a wide variety of enterprise software products and services. The services include implementation, training and application management services for all types of companies. The CEO mentors many African start-ups through an NGO.

Jamila Abass, Linda Kwamboka and Susan Oguya – Kenya.
This trio are founders of MFarm, a mobile software solution that connects Kenyan farmers and consumers of produce in urban and export markets through SMS. The 2010 founded company offers most recent retail prices to sellers and buyers and a virtual market for products for final consumers to buy directly from producers. Their service also allows consumers to compare prices from different sources before bidding for products.

Anne Amuzu – Ghana
Anne is co-founder of ‘Nandimobile. She graduated from Ghana’s Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). Her company Nandimobile, develops software that enables companies to support their customers and deliver information services through SMS. The company has more than 20 corporate clients in Ghana even though it only started operations in the year 2010.

Annette Muller – South Africa
Muller founded Cape Town based DotNxt in 2011. South African companies that are looking for more innovative and customer-centric ways to engage their clients are the clients to DotNxt. They use products that DotNxt creates, develops and delivers. These products include software, mobile, social and other digital development products.

Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho – Nigeria

Begho’s company, ‘Future Software Resources Ltd’ is a web design and web solutions provider with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. She founded the company in 2008. Other services the company provides include Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Management System (CMS) Development, Online Recruitment and IT consultancy services to more than 25 small and large businesses in Nigeria and even government agencies.

These women have really worked hard to leave their marks in a sector that is mainly male dominated. They are not only leaving marks, they are also bringing innovations to their various niches. Their innovations are affecting where industry trends are going to face in the future. Such is the magnitude of the effect they have on the African technology platform. Though they are women, they have come onto the African technology platform, made their marks, set the pace and finally smiled to the bank. We wish other women of Africa will take a cue from these women of courage and make their own impact.