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NIPOST Is Not for Sale, Says the Minister of ComTech



Barr. Adebayo Shittu, the Nigeria’s ComTech Minister said that NIPOST would not be sold. Instead, there would be a transformation of the sector to make it contribute to the national coffer. The minister assured Nigerians that the sector would not be privatized or given to foreigners.

Barr. Shittu said that as a committed compatriot he would not be a party to any plan to sell the national asset and legacies.

The minister through his special assistant on Media debunk the rumors going the rounds via online sources and some section of local offline media that the ministry of communication has perfected the plan to hand the management of NIPOST over to foreigners.

According to the Minister, the rumors are not founded on truth. He described them as a complete falsehood. The Ministry according to him would have disregarded the rumors but in order to ensure that the masses are not misled on the genuine intention of the ministry to rebuild NIPOST. The sale of NIPOST according to him only exists in the mind of the rumormongers who are spreading the rumors only to achieve their selfish interest.

Shittu said that the Ministry he was heading was only planning to make NIPOST a one-stop multi-product service provider rather than a mono-product service organization. The major objective of the Ministry is to turn NIPOST into a cash cow, Shittu said.

The Minister mentioned that to achieve these objectives, there would be a need for services to be diversified to such areas as commercialization of NIPOST’s fleet of vehicles, utilization of post offices across the nation for rural telephony services, expansion of the processes of stamp duties, rendering of all inclusive and robust financial service and many others.

The statement concluded by describing Barrister Shittu as an avowed nationalist and a patriotic Nigerian who is entirely dedicated to supporting national institution and legacies and will never join camp with people that want to sell of the national common property.