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Yudala Delivers Order on Black Friday with Drone for the First Time



Yudala, one of the well known online retail chains in Nigeria has set a standard by delivering an order for its Black Friday sales with a drone.

The order that was delivered with the drone was a Nokia Lumia smart phone ordered by a staff of Access Bank Plc. The banker whose name was given as Yetunde Lawal was using the online retail site for the first time.

While talking about the innovation, the banker said that she was happy to be the first person in Nigeria to receive order via drone delivery. She described the drone delivery as an “innovative concept in the evolution of e-commerce in the country” saying that other competitors would soon follow the footsteps of Yudala. Explaining how she felt after receiving her order with drones, she said that she has not got sufficient words to express her feeling.

Yudala which is also an offline retail chain is headquartered at Redemption Crescent, Gbagada. The company also has established its presence in some other major cities in the country and has made plans to establish presence in other African countries.

The first drone took off from the headquarters of the business with the order and landed at Access Bank branch located along Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway.

A staff of Yudala who was probably in the drone prepared the invoice of the order for the buyer, Yutunde Lawal to make payment. Yudala has several payment options including “payment on delivery option” which Yetunde opted for when placing her order. The phone was handed over to her by the staff of the Yudala.

Yudala has continued to make headways in the e-commerce business in Nigeria since it was launched some months ago. It has made a remarkable innovations such as October Mid-Day, Gyming with the Stars, Neighbour to Neighbour Mega Deals and others. Through these innovations, the business has exceeded the expectation of many Nigerians.

Yetunde mentioned that that business has not only met her expectations but exceeded it. She encouraged her friends, colleagues and family members to do their shoppings via Yudala.