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Why you must Change Your Life Style



If we compare the life of people of today and past, there is clear cut difference between the life styles of people.  People of past were more active and healthy as compared to people of today. The basic reason behind this is that people living in past were usually concerned with agricultural activities, gardening and many more activities like these. People of that time did their work with their own hands and were not base on machines. In homes, women washed clothes of their family, cooked food and grind grains with their own hands. Today women also do this all work but now all this work like cooking food, washing clothes are easy as compare to that time.

I have noticed that in our life style there are not outdoor activities. Our life is limited from office/university to home only. We eat and sleep only. But in past, exercise was part of their life style and the people were energetic and active.

Well… it is true that if there are no active activities or no proper exercise, you may suffer from obesity.  Not only no exercise is the cause of obesity but also those foods are cause of obesity which consists of fats and carbohydrates like Butter, cheese, cream etc.  There is also change in style of eating food.  Now we always prefer fast food to eat in our daily life. Many of people from us know if a person is obese, they have many chances to get heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and many types of cancer.

If you want to defeat hundred of diseases just take some minutes from your schedule for exercise. Exercise not only reduces weight but also protects you from heart diseases and also maintains health. Exercise is also useful for growth of your bones. Beside these, exercise keeps your blood pressure as well as hormonal level normal. Also exercise protects you from intestinal cancer because waste material can pass easily from intestine.

According to the estimation of World Health Organization (W.H.O), hundred million people died every year because they did not have any time for exercise. In America one third young people are obese and from this one third people, one forth people don’t have time for exercise or healthy activities. According to the facts and figures in South Korea, there is decrease rate in exercise between school children. Thirty eight percent People of European Union countries said that they do exercise once a time in week, according to survey.  With this forty percent people living in European counties did not have any time for healthy activities or exercise.

The people of Fun-land are very conscious about their health and make an example. Most of people do exercise daily.

It is very sad that in Asian countries, people don’t do exercise. It us my common observation that our children are very busy in their studies that they don’t have time for exercise or for any other outdoor game or healthy activity.  If you want to make yourself active and energetic, just walk for 30 minutes. This time is enough for your health. If you want to reduce your weight, just walk for one hour daily.

Remember, exercise keeps you always perfect.