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How to Control Your Weight and Say Good Bye to Obesity



One day, I was sitting and reading a news paper. An advertisement of slimming  center  was on one of the pages of news paper. At the top of advertisement they wrote “Obesity makes you old before age”. This line attracted me and I looked it again. Further, they wrote in their advertisement “you can control your weight if you follow a diet plan provided by our expert nutritious”.

Well….If you follow a proper diet plan, you can lose your weight easily. There is no need to join any slimming center and use any weight loss medicines etc. Remember all these things have negative side effects which will appear with passage of time.

Now moving to word Obesity? What does obesity means? Obesity means  having  to much body fats. It is different  from  overweight. Overweight means weighting  too much. Well both terms means having more weight than normal healthy weight. There are many causes of obesity like over eating, no activities, taking fats to much in their diet and many more. Remember excess of everything is bad. If you take these things consist of fats in high quantity, you are at high risk of not only heart diseases but also other diseases like hypertension etc.

There are many ways to control your weight and say good bye to obesity some of them are listed below:

 Drink Plenty of Water

If you want to reduce your want drink plenty of water in daily routine. Minimum eight to ten glass you have to drink. Plenty of water helps your body to metabolize stored fats. One thing more, always drinks two glass of water before taking meal. This will help you to reduce weight.

Regular Walk

You can reduce your weight if you have good friendship with regular walk of thirty minutes. This will keep you more active.

Eat Breakfast Every day.

Many of obese people think if we don’t eat breakfast, we easily reduce our weight. Oh silly people, this is not the way to reduce your weight. If you don’t eat breakfast daily, you will eat more and more in lunch. Fruits, bread, boiled egg milk without cream and tea without sugar can be eaten as breakfast.

Eating low calorie food

You can reduce weight more easily by taking the low calorie food like fresh fruits, cucumber, fresh fruit juices and salads.

Eat more often

Divide your three times meal into five or six times. This will keep you energetic and fresh mind and nutritional requirement will also be fulfilled.

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

By eating more and more fruits and vegetables in form of salad, you can lose your weight.

Avoid Fast Food

Another way to reduce weight is to say good bye to fast food for some time. As, fast food consist of high calories like cheese, burgers etc that make you fat.

Eat Slowly and Calmly

By eating slowly and calmly, you can reduce your weight. Try to chew about twenty times to one bite of meal.

Regular use of Green Tea

Regular use of green tea before breakfast and after lunch and dinner make you smart and perfect.  Is helps in metabolism of fats.

Avoid Alcoholic and carbonated drinks

Say good bye to alcoholic and carbonated drinks, if you want to reduce your weight. Carbonated drinks can be replaced by water

Say good bye to obesity by following  all these simple methods and make yourself perfect and healthy.