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We Will Not Ban Okada Riders From Plying Our Roads But Will Regulate Them in Oyo State — Seyi Makinde



Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has assured residents, that his administration would not impose a ban on commercial motorcycle riders popularly known as Okada in the state, but will rather regulate them.

The governor made this whole fielding questions from newsmen on his third-anniversary media chat at the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) Television house.

When asked if he intends to follow suit in Oyo State with the ban on Okada already being enforced in Lagos state, Governor Makinde said his government cannot ban all okada riders because there are many legitimate riders among them.

He noted that Okada is a legitimate business that fills a need in the state and serves as a means of livelihood to a lot of families.

He said, “We have no intention of banning Okada in Oyo state. We will regulate them, we will identify them and the criminals will be dealt with.
I have seen people with their cars jump okada to go to the bank. They are serving a purpose.

“We will regulate, identify and deal with the criminal among them but we won’t just ban Okada because another state bans them. They’re filling a vacuum and you don’t take legitimate people out of business. If we ban them, what next?”

“When we identify them: who, what, where, we let the people know that there may be criminal elements. If we wholesale send them out, we will have more criminal issues. They could become armed robbers.

“We go to some advanced countries and we see them paying people to keep the crime rate low. We have to create a safety net before we begin to put people out of business”, he concluded