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I won in Kaduna on Muslim-Muslim ticket; Tinubu free to pick Muslim running mate – El-Rufai



Governor Nasir El-Rufai on Friday said Bola Tinubu is free to pick a Muslim candidate as his deputy, because he took a similar political decision in Kaduna and it paid off.

Speaking on Channels Television, the former FCT minster said, “In my state, I picked a very competent, qualified woman as my running mate in the 2019 elections.”

“Just because she happens to be a Muslim, people are calling it a Muslim-Muslim ticket and said we were going to lose. We didn’t. We won overwhelmingly.”

Mr. El Rufai’s was reacting to comments by the Christian community in Nigeria, saying Tinubu as a Muslim, has to pick a Christian as his Vice, to get Christian votes.

The former Lagos governor won the presidential ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress on June 8 and has been facing pressure to promptly select a vice-presidential candidate.

Since Mr Tinubu is from the south, his running mate would most likely be from the northern parts of the country. But what has not been settled is the question of whether or not the person would be a Muslim or a Christian.

“This fixation of Nigerians with religion instead of competence, capacity and capability is quite sad and pathetic,” Mr El-Rufai said.

“And I urge you as media to please take religion out of governance and let’s look for competence, capacity, capability and delivery.”

“I don’t think we should be looking at religion; we want to develop this country.

“When I get into a plane, I don’t ask for the religion of the pilot, when I go to the hospital, I don’t ask for the religion of the doctor. I just want to get well. I want to get to my destination in an aircraft.

“Nigeria is at crossroads. We face very, very serious dangers in security, in economic meltdown, global issues are affecting us and all people are concerned with as far as who will be president or vice president is concerned is religion. It is so sad. It is not our religion that will solve our problem,” he added.