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Visafone Staff to Retain their Jobs



The staffs of Visafone who are apprehensive of losing their job following the acquisition of the company by MTN should calm their fears as there are strong indications that the MTN will retain a good number of them especially those with required expertise to manage the new 4G LTE technology.

According to the report reaching our desk, those that will be retained may commerce training before the launch of the new data service.

Currently, the broadband penetration in the country is currently below 10 percent. But with the 4G LTE technology, it is expected to rise to 30 percent by 2018 which is the national broadband target of the Federal Government.

The acquisition of Visafone by MTN is considered the most successful and seamless acquisition in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. The country’s economy will benefit greatly from the 4G LTE technology as it will create a conducive platform for improved product and service innovation which will results in job creation.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has been commended by market watchers for approving the acquisition.

The merge of this type normally creates environment of fear and uncertainty among staffs of acquired company. But there is strong indication that Visafone staffs will still retain jobs as MTN plans to retrain them so that they will manage the 4G LTE technology.