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Virgin Atlantic Airlines Explains its Decision to Lay-off Nigerian Crew



Following news which filtered to the public, that Virgin Atlantic Airways laid-off its Nigerian crew and is closing down its offices in Nigeria.

The Marketing and Communications Manager of Virgin Atantic Airways (VAA), Kudirat Scott-Igbene, has given reasons for airline’s action.

She explained that it was no longer sustainable for the airline to continue to operate Nigerian crew at this time, hence the services of the crew are no longer needed.

At least 20 Nigerian air hostesses were affected.

While she was reacting to question on why the airline decided to lay-off the Nigerian crew, she said the feedback that the airline got on the services of Nigerian crew was that “this is no longer a requirement on the Lagos route.”

According to her: “We have decided that we will no longer have crew based in Lagos. This is by no means a reflection on our Lagos based cabin crew, the primary purpose of our locally based cabin crew has been to provide cultural expertise and customer feedback has shown us that this is no longer a requirement on the Lagos route.

“The additional complexity required to operate an international crew base where there are no foreign language requirement means it is no longer sustainable going forward.”

Scott-Igbene, however, denied that the airline was winding up operations in Nigeria.

“This announcement has no impact on our flying programme and we plan to continue flights between Lagos and London.

“After 14 years of flying the route, we remain committed to servicing the Nigerian people, whether it be for business, family or education,” she added.