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Two Digital Social Media Platforms Developed A 31-Year Old Nigerian.



Emmanuel Gabriel, a 31-year-old Nigerian has successfully designed and set up two digital social media platforms for the purposes of making Nigeria and Africa popular across the globe.

Mr. Emmanuel launched his social media platform on Sunday in Abuja. According to him, he is looking forward to seeing his social media platform compete with the popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Mr. Emmanuel named his two social media platforms OpenBinacle and GleeOn. These sites according to him would use locally produced chips and sensors to provide free digital broadcast streaming services. Millions of people across of the world would be able to have uninterrupted free interaction.

Mr. Emmanuel explained that the OpenBinacle help businesses to advertise their products through SMS. He mentioned that the site was a next generation of artificial intelligence and social media portal that would cut across all sectors of human field. Through the platform, users will be able share snapshot photos, videos, live channels, voice notes, audio and stream live broadcast. According to him, a user’s adverts will be viewed by more people the more they connect with other users.

OpenBinacle will make it possible for people to interact with their friends, family members and other people they are connected to via GSM or ISP. With this arrangement, sellers of recharge cards would be able to sell them via OpenBinacle.

Users of the GleeOn on the other hand, will be able to monetize their channels through internet payment gateway servers. According to Mr. Emmanuel, the platform is an online payment gateway as well as a premium video streaming site. He said that the platform would feature the latest Xbox games, music, movies and best events.

The motivations behind the creation of the two platforms according to Mr. Emmanuel is to improve the lives of the people, provide more employment opportunities and enhance the country’s and continent’s information and communication technology (ICT) market.

Mr. Emmanual who is a native of Ishan in Edo State said that the website would be powered by a Hi-Tech/Robotic company known as APP4PEERS with the local registration number, 1137566.

He gave the addresses of the two websites as and