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Afmobi Nigeria Designs a Wireless Platform for Job Creation



The future seems brighter for the job seekers in Nigeria as Afmobi Nigeria’s experts developed a wireless platform for job creation. The platform is also capable of making Nigerians entrepreneurs through numerous apps, music, movie, business content and pictures hosted on Palmplay offline TM which is a ‘magical fun box.’

Afmobi, which is a Chinese mobile and internet tech business with branches in Lagos, Nairobi and Accra, explained that offline was included in the title due to the fact that all download via the wireless platform would be made offline. In other words, you don’t require any mobile data in order to make download. The company which has its office in Shenzhen mentioned that users would also be able to enjoy premium content download with amazing speed over the wireless connection without making use of their mobile data.

According to the company, 20 people had been trained on how to utilize the magic box known as the Palmplay Offline TM. The company also added that the training programme also included how to earn regular income using the magic box.

The money making aspect of the Palmplay is what will benefit the Nigeria youth who are looking for employment. As explained by the company, the bandwidth that the magic box comes with can cover a given range. All that users are required to do in order to benefit from it is to find a high traffic spots with lots of people always available at any particular time and then install Palmplay offline there so that people will connect to it so that they will be able to download various contents without spending a dime. There are some contents that are paid for before they can be downloaded.

The company said that the agent or the person that install the Palmplay will get 10 percent of yield obtained from each spot created.