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The Ministry of Science and Technology to Provide Security and Job: Ogbonnaya Onu



Ogbonnaya Onu, the new Minister of Science and Technology said during his inaugural meeting with the directors and heads in the ministry that his ministry will create job, provide security and fight corruption which according to him were the three promises the APC administration made to the country.

While revealing his plans to the directors and heads in the ministry, the Minister said that there was no reason why Nigeria should import weapons abroad.

Onu promised that the ministry will tackle the problem of insecurity across the country using the local science and technology potentials.

The minister said that the country has got the material and able men that will produce most of the military equipment required to provide security in the country. He did not understand the reason why the country should look for weapons abroad. He recalled that Nigeria was not able to purchase weapons when she required them in order to deal with insurgence in the North East despite having the money to pay for the weapons.

He gave example with India as a country purchasing weapons before but could now produce their own weapons. He mentioned that Brazilian defense industry and the one at Kaduna were established at the same time but today, Brazil are able to produce aircraft, tanks and ships of their own. He said it would take Nigeria time to start producing their weapon unless urgent action is taken.

He described the ministry of science and technology which he is at the head as very crucial in providing national security. Before now, Nigeria according to Onu is a consuming nation importing most of their products overseas.

He lamented that Nigeria was an exporter of wood, crude oil and cocoa and yet she was importing tooth pick, petroleum products and chocolate.

He said that the key the nation required to open the door of property is the missing link even though she has got all she requires to be a great nation.

Mr. Onu insisted that the ministry of science and technology has a crucial role to play in job creation and poverty alleviation.