Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Many times people get wrapped up in driving traffic and links without having any idea how their online business will eventually make money. Traffic, visitors, number of subscribers, SERPs and referrals are all fine and dandy stats, but the most ...

In the audio and music business, Mastering is the term most generally used to refer to the process of making audio mix and prepare it for distribution. There are several considerations like unification of record sound, maintaining the consistency of ...

As the internet is gradually becoming an acceptable shopping platform in Nigeria, online shoppers in the country will definitely be happy to hear that a new E-Commerce online shopping platform has been launched by Yudala. As reported by This Day, the ...

Online transactions have come to stay. Online market places serve to provide worldwide reach and ease of transaction. Africa’s online trading is still very much underdeveloped Ghana included. Some percentage of Ghana’s trading although not widespread is done online. But ...

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