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Best Online Trading Websites in Ghana.



Online transactions have come to stay. Online market places serve to provide worldwide reach and ease of transaction. Africa’s online trading is still very much underdeveloped Ghana included. Some percentage of Ghana’s trading although not widespread is done online. But there are still a few of Ghana’s online trading sites that are blazing the trends like these best Online Trading Websites in Ghana listed bellow. The major ones among these online sites are the following. You can check them out for your online shopping.

The Flip Bay
Found online at, this Ghanaian online market place has a variety of useful items in its catalogue. Popular items that can be found here include phones, electronics, fashion, household furnishings and items, and just about anything. You can get a lot on sale here.

Bay GH
Bay GH is a Ghanaian online market place where you can purchase items online as well as list your items for sale online. With the url, this is Ghana’s version of the ebay online market place. You can get almost anything you can imagine on sale here.

Mall Gh
This Ghanaian online store found at sells almost anything. There is even an ad on their homepage for webhosting. And with the phrase ‘Serving Ghanaians Everywhere’ boldly sitting on that homepage, you know online stores are meant to promote global reach.

Cedi Shop
They call themselves ‘Ghana’s Best Shopping Website’ on their homepage at They also offer almost anything you can think of for sale and ask you to sign up and also list almost anything you can think of that you want to sell. They have a feature that lets you browse categories as well.

My Ebay Ghana
My ebay Ghana found on the net at says you can choose to sell on any of two free web portals. This is to give you variety to choose from depending on your own peculiar preferences. Their first landing page is where you encounter this information that gives you the freedom of choice.

Kaymu is the internet url of this Ghanaian online trading site. They state on their website that you can ‘find the best deals and make money by selling your products’. They sell items from mobile phones and tablets through women fashion to any useful items. This is what their landing page says.

Ghana Shops
Ghana Shops found at claims you can pay for goods and services easily and conveniently in Ghana cedis. This is a bold step in making the checkout process convenient since PayPal which is the most popular online payment solution globally does not accept most African countries. Their site also features some motivational articles that are worth reading.

The online market though just evolving in Africa is beginning to take shape. The feature of some market places giving options of transacting businesses in local currency is commendable. This is because making and receiving payments online has always been one of the greatest challenges of online business in Africa. These websites are solving these issues with a variety of innovations.