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Sponge Launched an Innovative New Facebook Slideshow in Collaboration with Coca-Cola



Mr Oti Ukubenyinje, the Media Director of Sponge which is a popular marketing agency has released a statement saying that the company has partnered with Coca-Cola in launching an innovative new Facebook slideshow ads in Nigeria.

According to Facebook, the slideshow ads got to two million people instead of the initial one million target.

The slideshow ads was newly introduced by Facebook. Mr. Oti said that Sponge was fortunate to be chosen by Coca Cola to test run the new Facebook ad. Coke promotes its ‘Coke Studio Africa’ TV using the slideshow ads. The photo slides were created with shots taken from the TV show.

Sponge created a 5 page Facebook slideshow telling powerful stories about Coke Studio Africa Season 3 with the use of images and texts. Older phones with slower internet connection speeds are targeted in the slideshow.

Mr. Ukubeyinje said that the slideshow ads of Facebook was a a typical example of where Sponge could take part in one of many new processes of product development.

The slideshow ads was test run for two weeks. The outcome of the test was positive as there was high rate of engagement when compared with the standard image and video ads used on Facebook. The result of the test indicated that the slideshow ads might be an affordable means of advertising owing to its lower cost per engagement when compared with the average for other formats.