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Senate Yet to Receive Ministerial List from Buhari



President Muhammed Buhari is yet to submit the list of his ministerial nominees. It could be recalled that the President, had earlier in the month assured Nigerians, that the  ministerial list will be submitted to the Senate by September 30,for onward screening and possible confirmation.

Acting senate spokesman, Dino Malaye confirmed today.

According to Melaye, the senate was still awaiting the list as at Wednesday afternoon.

“I want to announce that we are still waiting for the ministerial list from the president,” the senate acting spokesman said.

“I want to advise there is no need for agitation‎. September expires 12 midnight today. And I want to assure Nigerians [that] as soon as we get possession of the list, we will communicate to them.

“I also want to assure Nigerians that we will attend to the ministerial list expeditiously, but diligently. It is not going to be business as usual. We are going to properly screen the nominees, and only those who meet the constitutional and moral requirements will be ‎ cleared.

“We want Nigerians not to be agitated. September expires 12 midnight. The doors of the senate ‎president are open 24 hours.”

President Buhari had maintained in the last three months, that his list of ministerial nominees will be sent to the senate on or before the last day of September.

The house has however adjourned, pending the time the list is submitted.