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Renux Partnered with Peoplelink to Introduced VC Solution in Nigeria Internet



Renux Media has introduced the award-winning Peoplelink Low bandwidth Unified Communication and Telepresence solutions in the country in partnership with Peoplelink.

Renux Media which is an integrated service and communication solution company has an Outfit operated by the best minds in marketing communication, public relations, information communication technology and marketing communication. Renux offers efficient end to end solutions to different organisations including government, non-government and industries.

The Peoplelink VC solution is created with enhanced technology for image capture and compression and this makes it possible for it to offer outstanding quality of picture at any capture resolution.  Peoplelink utilizes the H.264 VBR/CBR encryption protocols for video encoding, transmission and decoding and for audio compression algorithms, it utilizes G.271, G.711 and GIPS which makes the audio video quality to be very clear and stable in any conditions of network bandwidth.  The solution can also deliver 1080p resolutions at the most optimal bandwidths.

In a statement issued by the Renux Media, Mr. Caleb Achu, the External Communication Manager said that the Peoplelink would open up many doors of collaborative possibilities for SMEs, religious organisations, institutions of learning, government and its agencies, health and manufacturing and non-governmental organisations. He described Peoplelink as the ‘ideal gateway into experiencing a “Smart City” Concept for Nigeria and Africa at large.’

Talking about the benefits that Peoplelink will offer, he said that Nigerian corporate workers would no longer be limited by low bandwidth internet; religious bodies would be able to stream their ceremonies and worships live and easily schedule vital meetings; students will be able to attend classes online with their laptops and smart devices while they are on the go; sick people can book appointments with their doctors online or even consult their doctors online and many other things.

The Peoplelink VC Smart City Application has been introduced in five African countries which include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Ethiopia.