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Police Should Not Takea Credit For Falae’s Release, We Paid Ransom – Family



Former Presidential aspirant and one time secretary to the federal government, Chief Olu Falae, has revealed that his family paid ransom to his abductors to secure his release.

However, Falae’s account contradicts that of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. solomon Arase, who on the release of Olu Falae, said no ransom was paid to that effect.

Narrating his ordeal on Monday when Alani Akinrinade, former chief of defence staff, visited his Ile Oba residence, Falae said his abductors even threatened to “kidnap me again if I go out and talk rubbish”.

Falae, who refused to disclose the amount paid, said he could have been killed if the money was not paid.

The abductors initially demanded N100 million and later reduced it to N90 million.

“It is an insult to our race that a man like me could be abducted by a bunch of hoodlums,” he said.

“They said ‘we are going to kill you if you don’t give us money. If we don’t get what we want, we will kill you. They gave me up till 3pm the next day and thank God one of them came and said the money was complete.”

Akinrinade charged the federal government to find a solution to the high rate of insecurity in the country.

He expressed displeasure over the manner Falae was treated, saying people from the south-west might be forced to look for an alternative means of securing themselves if the government cannot guarantee security.

“This is a big insult to the Yoruba nation. Chief Olu Falae was roughed off and traumatised in the hands of these hoodlums. This is a gentle man who is making a living from farming and very contended with his family,” he said.

“This is shocking and I have no reason for anyone whatever their mission might be to either go to his house or farm and start being nasty talk less of having the effrontery of demanding for ransom.

“The Yorubas have to get together and review what is going within them. They really have to know who is living with them and know those who wants the progress of the region.

“We can’t allow anyone to trample on the existing tradition ‎of the region. Our culture and tradition is paramount and it cannot change simply because some people came to live with us.”

More so, a family source also confirmed this to Sun News, that the police did not play any role in the septuagenarian’s release.

The source said: “I wonder why people don’t investigate well be­fore talking. It will be very unfair to give any kudos to the police over Chief Fa­lae’s release having being held hostage for four days.

“If we relied on Police to rescue Baba and ignored his abductors on the ran­som they demanded by now we would have been telling another story. But we thank God our Baba came back alive.”

The source did not dis­close the actual amount paid but said the family had to appeal to the hoodlums to spare Falae’s life saying the kidnappers threatened seriously.

“So, in this kind of de­velopment, we should wait and be listening to the po­lice? My brother, forget. As far as I know, the police didn’t play any role in his release. The family played ball with the abductors, and they took him back to his farm where he was kid­napped and dropped him there. “Baba even said it when he got home that af­ter the abductors had con­cluded their arrangements with his family, they took him back to his farm at Ila­do and dropped him there.

“Baba said when his abductors dropped him, he trekked several kilo­meters from his farm to a hotel in owo where he met some policemen and in­troduced himself as Chief Olu Falae. That was how the Police got to know of his release and hijacked the whole process as if they are the one who rescued him. Only an unreasonable person will still give kudos to the police for the Chief’s release. We know who and who we should thank, not the police,” the furious family source said.