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Nigerian Information Technology Market Is the Biggest in the World Said Justin Lee



Mr. Justin Lee, the Regional Sales Manager of the Blue Coat Technology has said that the Nigerian Information Technology is very crucial for the development of the economy of the company. He described the market as one of the biggest across the world.

Speaking during a launch organized in Lagos by Blue Technology in collaboration with Tarsus Technology Group, Mr. Lee described a comprehensive lifecycle protection as a panacea to all risks posed by hackers and malwares which are currently affecting organisations across the globe.

While talking about this solution, Lee said that the event provided a veritable platform for the company to unveil the latest solution in the country. He also gave their existing clients the assurance that the company will exceed their expectations.

Lee said that the company has the target of penetrating the West African Market through Nigeria. The company according to him believed that the Nigeria market was very large and could provide a platform entering other markets in West Africa.

Talking about the new product of the company, he said that it was introduced in order to provide solutions to the security risks jeopardizing economic growth which have become a global threat.

The Blue Coat advanced threat protection solution is a meld of technologies which provide a modern, integrated and comprehensive approach to stubborn threats, advanced malware, zero-day threats, and unknown malware.

Mr. Femi Ibine, the Regional Manager of Tarsus Technology Group, English West Africa said that the company’s partnership with Blue Coat would help the company to offer the support services for their clients as well as the best atmosphere.

Mr. Femi said that the company provided other services such as technical skills for resellers and customers and fund for the organisations and customers that did not have sufficient fund but require those skills. The above according to him makes them to be value added distributor.

Recent discovering has shown that 100,000 new malware samples alone are being found on daily basis and the best traditional securities are overcome by unknown malware and zero-day threats.