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Channels Television Set to Enhance Tech Trends to Prime Time



The Chairman/CEO of Channels Television, Mr. John Momoh said that the Channels TV was committed in providing Nigerians with the latest technology information as well as how to utilize these technological breakthroughs in enhancing their social and economic lives.

Mr. Momoh highlighted the need for Nigeria to make good use of innovations and breakthroughs in technology in improving the nation’s development and economic growth as well as the quality of their lives. He said that technology provided limitless possibilities which he urged the people to use in enhancing their lives.

He said that providing the people with the right information about these innovations and breakthroughs in technology and how to achieve positive results using them are of crucial importance today.

In order to this achieve this object, Channels Television has begun a program known as Tech Trends. The program enlightens viewers about technological breakthrough and also prepares them to make good use of the global technology boom.

Channels Television organizes this program into various parts which include guest interviews, updates on the latest trend, question and answer (tech clinic), mobile apps to help in improving productivity in work and social environment, giveaway, new innovations and products, safety and security on the internet and gadget review and comparison.

There is no other TV station in Nigeria that has initiated a program like the Tech Trends.

The introduction of the program is very germane owing to the fact that there is increase in different kinds of tech-related activities in Nigeria. It will help Nigerians who are interested in technology to benefit from the innovation in the world of technology across the globe.