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Nigeria Will Support Nuclear Technology Only for Peaceful Purposes and Human Development: Buhari



President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the country would only support nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and human development. He said this while hosting Mohammed Shariatmadari, the Vice President of Iran for Executive Affairs who visited Nigeria this week.

President Buhari lauded Iran for signing a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with other six world powers on its nuclear program. Buhari said that Nigeria would be expecting all the signatories to the agreement to keep to it and works to its actualization. According to Mr. President, the agreement is vital for the achievement of peace and stability in the Middle East.

Buhari emphasized that it was in the developing nations’ interest to fully utilize their natural resources to enhance the living conditions of their people.

The Iranian Vice President of Executive Affairs, Shariatmadari congratulated Buhari for his victory during the May general elections in the country. He gave Buhari assurance that Iran would support his administration’s struggle against terrorism and violent extremism.

According to Shariatmadari, The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s  government calls for moderation against any form of extremism.

He concluded his speech by inviting President Buhari for the upcoming Summit of Gas Exporting Countries that will be held in Tehran.