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Nigeria; On Chains.



Slave trade was not enough, war soon came,
War was not enough, animosity became,
The national anthem of the patriots and the villain,
What about the bomb that’s made the future slain?!

We insouciantly build an imagery of doom and bane,
Our lives frigid and fragile in pains,
Too many losses to bare, no pain to feign,
Nigeria in chains, God help her reigns!
As her leaders have lost her reins,
And bloodshed feels like rain,
As bombers sashay through her lands now and again,
And callers for secession are now back once more,
When we thought they had waned,

Yesterday was the civil war, Biafra/ Nigeria,
That swept a lot of civilians blood like a Niagara,
Dastardly acts roving on her borders without borders,
When will Nigeria have brothers without bothers?!

Foreign lands filled with our sons with cunning acts,
And the ones at home hone a cunning pact,
We are not secure and that’s a storming fact,
We used to lead a race but that’s now a burning chart,

Social handles agog with the call for more unison,
Then, some have risen to act what’s more like treason,
We were free but our freedom is gone without a reason,
Everywhere tensed up and Nigerians don’t enjoy these seasons,

Futures have been smashed, potentials have been bashed,
Many throats breathing greatness have been slashed,
Oh mother! Down and her tooth gnashes,
Her only fruit, a shaky nation snatches,

Birds are crying and dogs are wailing,
Even the aquaphobic lots are now on waters sailing,
To unknown destinations far away from home,
In peaceful nations where there’s no threat in your roam,

Megalomaniacs fill our lands,
Power-driven, sugar-mouthed politicking,
Nation in shambles, nothing is working,
Even the babies in the womb see the atmosphere and they stop kicking,

The Nigerians’ rage can’t be contained in our age,
We have written, spoken and filled is the page,
We are on chains and we need an iron to free our padlocks,
The Nigerian progression is under gridlocks,
I wish us a good luck,

Defiance through these endless pursuit of peace,
Reliance on our leaders seem more like a lost piece,
Only the hurt will know how these gruelling pains feel,
Teary eyes now make the hurt go down real,

The lands are scary,
The strong are weary,
Eyes so teary,
Nothing to take home to momma, nothing cheery,
Atmospheres so fiery,
And the market are bearish,
Bulls are finished,
Business not growing,
Eyes no more glowing,
What news are they showing?
They found a 10 year old girl blowing,
A whole city up,
Eternal emotional trauma,
Sometimes, to coma,

We shall overcome,
And our will shall soon be free….
And we shall soon be free,
Nigeria, I decree,
To no ending degrees….
Be free for real!
And be filled with zeal!