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Nigeria Can Influence the Global Software Technology



Mr. John Obaro, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SystemSpecs was of the view that the country could influence the global software technology landscape and profit from it only if conscious effort was made by the government to the prosperous future the sector has for the country. Mr. John Obaro expressed this view while chatting with the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu who paid him a courtesy visit in the company’s head office in Lagos.

Obaro called on Nigeria as a country to pay more attention to software technology rather than agrarian initiatives at the basic levels. He said that the future of Nigeria as a country rested on software technology.

He suggested ways through which Federal Government can improve and embrace software technology. He urged the government delegations to always include Nigerian software products as well as local entrepreneurs of software products as they embark on foreign trade missions.

Obaro advised against receiving foreign software aids in areas where they required competence could be found and developed locally.   

He said that the time has come for Nigeria to leverage on the numerous opportunities inherent the technology of software at this period, when the world is witnessing a free fall in oil price.

He expressed some optimism about the present condition of the country which according to him is timely and divinely orchestrated to bring the country out of an economy that is solely depended on oil and lead her into leveraging on huge potential the software technology offered to the people.

The minister on the other hand expressed his unalloyed sentiments of appreciation to the company for the introduction of local software remittal. According to him, the government revenue would have increased if Remita has been introduced earlier than now by the Federal government.

According to the minister, Nigeria owe  a debt of gratitude to Systemspecs for the introduction Remita software for the TSA payment. He mentioned that Nigeria was able to save about about N2tn . He also said that the company has performed creditably well in the area of e-commerce.