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NATCOM To Relaunch the New NITEL “NTEL” on SAT-3 and 4G



The Managing Director of NATCOM, Mr. Kamar Abass has disclosed the plan of the Nigerian consortium which acquired the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) to establish its presence in the telecom industry by relaunching SAT-3.

NITEL has now metamorphosed into Nigeria Telecommunications (NTEL) after it was acquired by the Nigerian consortium. According to Abass, NTEL will enhance the transmission of broadband capacities from the Nigeria shores into the villages which according the company has high demand. Abass also mentioned that NTEL would also increase penetration as well as internet bandwidth.

Before it was acquired by NATCOM, NITEL already owned SAT-3 undersea fibre optic cable system which the consortium of national telecoms operators throughout the continent of Africa built.

Abass said that the company would be able to provide fast internet access even before the year ends. He said the company would not wait till 2020 before it would provide fast internet services which would be a 4G base internet service. The company according to him has no reason to still rely on 3G services. With the 4G, NTEL would be able to provide the best services across the world.

While speaking on Thursday in Lagos, Abass disclosed that NTEL which has taken over NITEL would concentrate on mobile services from the beginning.

Abass who has worked as the manager of Ericsson Nigeria said that the company based its promise to deliver super fast internet service on the investment it so far has made which according to him is worth more than $1.2 billion. He mentioned that NTEL inherited dilapidated assets from NITEL/MTEL the parent company.