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“My ministers round pegs in round holes” – Buhari

Valentine Chinyem



Preaident Muhammadu Buhari has said his choice of ministers was deliberate to appoint round pegs in round holes to avoid the mistake of appointing those who would not perform.

In his words, the President said, ‎“Today we witness the swearing-in of new ministers of the government of the federal republic of Nigeria,” he said.

“We want to work towards a prosperous nation respected for the right reasons, and whose citizens can hold up their heads anywhere in the world.‎

“We are optimistic that bringing these set of ministers into the service of our country today is a step in the right direction and timely move towards realising our positive goals for our country.

“Since we assumed office in May, I had been mindful of the need to ensure that the appointment of new ministers translate into a round pegs in round holes while showing sensitivity to our diversity as a people and our various positions as groups of stakeholders of our country.

“I have also been conscious of the need not to repeat such mistakes of the past where the right people were allocated the wrong portfolios, which translated into their performing poorly to our collective detriment despite their obvious capability.”

He assigned portfolios to all the 36 ministers, contrary to speculations that some ministers would be members of the federal executive council (FEC), but without offices.