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Mohammad Raees Markani Designed a Water Powered Car Engine



A 44 year Indian mechanic called Mohammad Raees Markani has claimed he has designed a vehicle engine that is powered with a mixture of water and carbides.

As claimed by Mohammad, he designed the water powered engine using an 800 cc engine. It took him 5 years to modify the engine so that it can be powered with water.

If Mohammad Markani’s claim turns out to be true, then he has made a great breakthrough. Scientists are making serious effort to produce eco-friendly car to reduce the release of exhaust fumes which deplete the ozone layers protecting the earth. But surprisingly, the feat was achieved by a mere mechanic without any academic qualifications.

Markani’s car is powered with a mixture of water and carbides which is more affordable than normal fuel. The mixture of the water and carbides does not cost up to two pence. Explaining the car’s source of energy, Mohammad said that the car’s engine was powered with acetylene gas which according to him is formed when calcium carbide reacts with water. He also mentioned that there were other industrial operations such as  welding and portable lighting for miners in which the gas was utilized for different purposes. However, he said that he was using the gas to propel car engines.

Markani has not attended any formal education and he is not able to write and read. But he has worked as a car mechanic for more than 15 years. The uneducated scientist threw more light on his invention saying that he modified the engine in several ways to enhance the performance but the major modification is the power source.

According to Markani, the idea of engine design came to him as he was welding a part of his car many years ago in his restaurant. He said that it took him five years to make the breakthrough even though at the beginning, he could not actually figure out how and where to start. He said his car is an eco-friendly car as it costs almost nothing to operate it.

Markani requested for one thing from any company that would like to utilize his car design and that is establishing their plant in his hometown.