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Lonadek Oil and Gas Principal Consultant Called on the Fed. Govt to Imbibe Process Technology



Dr. Ibilola Amao, the Principal Consultant of Lonadek Oil and Gas has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to imbibe process technology in the petroleum industry.

The process technology which ensures that natural resources are transformed to the finished products according to Dr. Amao would ensure that natural resources in the country including oil and gas are fully utilized.

Explaining further, Dr. Amao said that the proper utilization of gas in driving independent power projects (IPPs) would help to solve the energy and power equation and ensure steady power supply in the country. Process technology according to her would make it possible for the natural resources including oil and gas to be refined internally and the finished products exported abroad.

According to a number of economic analysts, the country is losing a lot of money by importing finished products and exporting crude which represents more than 90% of the total exports revenue.

Dr. Amao while expressing her displeasure with the exportation of crude to other countries blamed the situation on the lack of utilization of process technology strategy in the Nigeria petroleum industry. She expressed optimism that the refineries and the petrochemical plants would become functional if process technology strategy is utilized in the industry.

According to her, Nigeria would become industrial and agro-based economy if process technology is utilized. She lamented that there were insufficient qualified personnel to learn from the experts. She expressed the fear that technology transfer would become a mirage, existing only on paper without giving any result if more experts are not trained.

She recommended that carrier counseling be set in place in order to ensure that people with the right skills and passion will be deployed and a strategic roadmap succession plan developed.

She also mentioned that the human resource regulatory arm of the Nigerian hydrocarbon industry has not got sufficient well trained personnel. She urged the federal government to look into that. She said that the anomalies in the country’s petroleum industry could be rectified if the regulatory arm is sufficiently staffed with trained personnel.