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Kidnapper Rejects N200,000 Share Out Of N12Million Ransom, Reports Group To Police



One Sadu Ardo Bunkawu, an alleged kidnapper has reported himself to the police in the Filingo Village in Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa state.

According to him, he was paid the total sum of N200,000 out of a ransom of N12 million collected by his gang, after they kidnapped Umaru Diffiwa and Umaru Babidi of the same community.

Bunkawu, who describes the incident as a “high level of injustice”, reported the matter to the police for justice to be done.

He confessed that N12 million was paid to his group, comprising of 6 gang members. The 28-year-old said he regrets the operation, noting that it was a bad outing for him because even the N200, 000 he collected, got lost on his way back home.

“I lost my share of the money while rushing to reach home on time,” Bunkawu said.

He further explained that “the money was paid to 7 of us by the family members of the victims; after releasing them, I was called upon and given N200,000 only”.

He has since been detained by the police and has been arranged in court.