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Institutions and Rules for Students.



A college campus can be the place where students have the opportunity to discover their true personalities. However, some privately owned institutions  have certain rules that actually violate the freedom of expression.

A recent observer has stated the points below as some of the ridiculous rules set by the management of some privately owned institutions of higher learning – breaking the rules carries some type of punishment for perpetrators.

Do Not Touch One Another

Students should not touch anyone of the opposite sex within the school’s premises. Touching includes:

  • Hugging,
  • Holding hands
  • Patting a member of the opposite sex on the shoulders or the back, and shaking hands with someone of the opposite sex.

If a student violates this rule, he or she will be suspended and their name included in the school’s Black Book.

Females Should not Wear Trousers/Pants

The female students are forbidden to wear trousers/pants! This is simply because this style of clothing is considered to be a man’s attire. There are schools that just frown at female student who choose to wear trousers and such females are tagged “prostitutes”. These schools recommend that female students should wear ankle or calf length skirts without slits! Items of clothing that come in “loud colours” are also unacceptable. No student has dared to break this rule; this is because the end result of breaking this rule is immediate expulsion.

Female Students Should Avoid Wearing Long Weaves

Using long weaves is prohibited; except if the student’s hair is naturally long. Females are advised to use shoulder length weaves and should also avoid using dramatic colours such as red, blue, blonde, red etc.  Black and dark brown coloured hair weaves are the only accepted colours for artificial weaves. Females are even not allowed to keep dreadlocks.

Male Students Should Keep their Hair Short and Natural

The male students are not allowed to wear their hair long, perm the hair, wear weaves, or dye their hair an ostentatious colour! According to the management of these fiercely conventional schools, only an irresponsible man will keep his hair long.

Students are Not Allowed to Sleep Outside The School’s Premises

Every student is not allowed to spend the night outside the campus without having authorised permission to do so. Before lights out, the hall monitor takes a headcount. Spending any night outside the school premises can result in suspension.

Wearing Dramatic Jewelleries is Prohibited

No student should wear jewelleries that are considered to be ostentatious. The school management consider dramatic jewelleries to be “vulgar”. If a student is caught wearing a vulgar accessory, they will be asked to immediately take off the jewellery.

The question on the lips of many people will be “Who on earth will want to apply to a school that is no better than a prison?” Well, the truth is that a lot of parents are much happier knowing that their children and ward(s) are in an environment where they are constantly monitored. Most students have found a way to adapt to the rules or get around the rules without being caught.