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If one soul is lost, Ten Fulani souls will pay for it – MEND replies Fulani Jihadists over threat to Delta



The Movement for Emancipation and Defence of the Niger Delta, has threatened to wipe out all traces of Fulani presence in Southern Nigeria if they go ahead with their alleged threat.

A faceless Fulani Juhadist group had threatened the Delta state government, asking her to rescind on its decision to ban Open grazing in the state. The group said it was giving the state governor, Ifeanyi Okowa 72-hours to back out of the Southern Governors stance against Open grazing or they will unleash mayhem in his state.

But in a statement signed on behalf of MEND by an official of the group simply identified as Dragon War, noted that if one Delta soul is killed by the Jihadist sect, 10-Fulani men will be brought down in reprisal, same as oil installations belonging to any Fulani man in the region.

It further stated that, any attack on humans and facilities, in the area will attract dire consequences.

“The attention of ‘The Movement for the Emancipation and the Defence of the Niger Delta’ has been brought to the threat of some Fulani terrorists who have given a 3 days warning to the Governor of Delta State because of his support for the ban of open grazing across the Southern State.

“We also saw your taking responsibility for an explosion at the Secretariat in Asaba.

“We are warning that if your threat is made to come to fulfilment, No Fulani will ever exist across the Niger Delta and all oil facilities linked to a Fulani man will be brought down. If one soul is lost, Ten Fulani souls will pay for it. If one Facility is destroyed, Ten Fulani facilities will be destroyed. We will respond proportionately ten times whatever you give, the corresponding response will not be limited to the Delta, It may be with your politicians or with your rulers.

“We will launch three rocket launchers and ballistic missiles at any facility of our choice as a warning in seven days if you make bold your threats.

“We don’t make cheap our threats. We have shutdown the country and we can at anytime shut you down. We are the Niger Delta, We stand for the interest of the Niger Delta and we will not allow any coward threaten us. We fight without running. Be warned”, the statement added