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“I am your person and I remain your person” – Fayose to Goodluck Jonathan



Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State and chairman of the PDP national electoral panel, yesterday in Bayelsa State described former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s participation in the primary election in the state as a “home coming” .

According to him, “A president took me out of the government house by force and another President gave me a leverage and a platform to come back. To whom much is given, much much is expected.”

Fayose, spoke during the Bayelsa PDP Primary in which the incumbent governor, Seriake Dickson, the sole candidate was elected as the party candidate for the December governorship election.
He said “My President and former President of Nigeria, my loyalty is not in doubt. Forever and ever I am your person and I remain your person, when others fall by the way side, disloyalty, consequences must come and we are witnessing consequences of such in the country.

“Those of them that left us they should learn a lesson from what is going on. We will remain here when you come back, we will remain in the PDP when they come back.

“Your Excellency, the former President of Nigeria, the son of Africa, I don’t want to say the son of Nigeria, my former President, you have done what no African leader has done. You threw in the towel to save Nigeria, you gave us all the relative peace we are enjoying. You remain a man after my heart.

“I am a governor that has no apology for supporting you. Everybody must remember that it is a virtue to be courageous to defend the truth. Whether you throw your own virtue away, will not take away our own party. Jonathan is a man to be recognized in the whole world.

“Conducting an election that worked against his interest, he gave it all. Jesus Christ did exactly the same to save souls. Keep your fingers crossed. Every battle against you will fall by at your feet. There is a purpose of God for everything, you have done your best, leave the rest to God.”

Ayodele Fayose also said it was wrong on the part of President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint his in-law as the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC).

He also urged Governor Dickson not to entertain any fears over the forthcoming election, declaring that the governor has all it takes to defeat the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in the December poll.

Speaking as the chairman PDP National Electoral Panel, Chief Fayose said the party is closely monitoring the activities of the INEC, adding that at the appropriate time its hidden agenda will be made public.

According to him, “I have complained very clearly about the choice of the INEC chairperson. Nobody can give us an INEC chairman that is his daughter or in-law. This is our country and nobody can run out of Nigeria.

“Therefore, we are watching INEC and its activities. We will not allow you to play pranks. This is an Ijaw state and so they are going nowhere. This is a PDP controlled state. No hidden agenda will work in Bayelsa.”
the preparedness of the party for the December 5 poll, Chief Fayose told the Bayelsa governor not to worry about the ranting of APC.

“In our place, it is one stone that scatters so many birds. Your (Dickson) stone will scatter their birds. I’ve worked with them before. I know their style and antics. So fear not.

“If you read the book of Joshua chapter one, it says, fear not. So don’t be afraid but be courageous because their armies will bow to your army.

“I am conducting this PDP primary in Bayelsa transparently in line with the PDP guidelines. I am not ready to dodge out of this stadium to run away. The truth will stand the test of time and speak for itself.

Describing Governor Dickson as a great fighter, he assured him of victory in the December polls.

According to him, “You have won the battle already. This is not a party where they will do one primary today and cancel it tomorrow. In this our own, there will be no cancellation. This is an authority in Bayelsa.