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Facts on HIV and AIDS.



On every year December 1st is celebrated as “World AIDS DAY”. The purpose to celebrate this day is to raising awareness about  HIV and AIDS , caused by HIV. In United States, The sixth leading cause of the death in age of 25-44 years is HIV and AIDS. The first case of AIDS was reported in 1981 among men.

According to the estimation of World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 34 million people are having HIV and AIDS. The virus of AIDS “HIV” was first found in year of 1983 as “retro virus”. History told us that this disease was originated from Africa when humans had contacted with infectious chimpanzee during the hunting of chimpanzee.
AIDS (Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome) is caused by the Virus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). As the name of virus, HIV indicates the deficiency in immune system of body. First, it attacks on defense system o f body and weakens it. In HIV AIDS, The body doesn’t have ability to fight against other diseases. HIV AIDS is actually a silent killer. A man knows only about this disease (if suffering) in last stage when he is near to die. How a person suffered from AIDS?

There are different ways by which AIDS can be transmitted from one person to another like blood transfusing,  pregnancy, lactation sharing needles and syringes, blades, unsterilized medical equipment and unsterilized instruments that are used by barbers. Those people are at high risk who not only share needles, syringes, unsterilized instruments, Blades but also those who engaged in unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse rand also those who received blood by transfusions. Taking about symptoms, AIDS does not show specific signs and symptoms like other diseases. AIDS can be detected with the help of medical blood test, named as “ELISA”. It is very sad that HIV and AIDS is only one disease that doesn’t have complete treatment in allopathic.

Besides these, there are some preventive measures by which we can protect ourselves from HIV and AIDS. These are:
• Always used sterilized syringes and needles
• Always use new blade.
• Before receiving blood transfusion, Check that blood is free from AIDS.
• Creating Awareness among public by means of education and mass communication.
• Make sure your partner is not suffering from AIDS.
• Make sure that, organ (like kidney) donor is not suffering from AIDS.
Remember, Prevention is always better than cure.