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How Does Egypt Search For Stability ?



With the Egyptian uprising three years on, Egypt as a nation is still yet to find the much needed political and economic stability to move on. It was the lack of this stability that led to the uprising in the first place. So many episodes have been played out from Morsi to the constitutional elections, the coup and the transitional government of Al-Sisi. Why does peace and stability seem to elude Egypt? How does Egypt search for the stability that it needs very much right now? Here are a few points for the nation of Egypt to ponder on.

One of the biggest issues Egypt has to tackle before it can begin to think of forward movement as a nation is the issue of polarization. Certain sections have been polarized due to certain specific factors. The factors range from religion, tribe and sometimes, something as little as geographic location. No democracy will work if any of its component parts is left behind. The authorities in Egypt need to realize that they cannot afford to polarize anybody. They need to carry everybody along irrespective of all types of affiliations.

For peace and stability to return to Egypt justice has to reign supreme above anybody and any other thing. In a situation where certain people seem to be above the law, a social break down then becomes inevitable. Those that committed crimes of whatever kind in Egypt need to be brought to justice. This will stabilize the populace by the realization that justice has been had and will serve as a deterrent to future perpetrators. Like it is said in law after all, justice is blind. Social justice and equality is the right of every Egyptian.

There can be no calm and stability where social amenities are lacking. The authorities in Egypt will have to make sure that basic social amenities like a functional health system, functional schools and educational system, youth empowerment and progressive economic systems are in place to ensure that Egyptian citizens rise back to their feet to become productive again. When you have a population that is up and doing, you don’t have people that can be incited into uprisings. Create an enabling environment for your people to be in perfect health, economically empowered and satisfied, then, even if someone tells them to revolt against you, they will surely turn against such a person.

The situation right now in Egypt is very precarious and the authorities have to tread very carefully and sensibly. They have to devise means to get all parties to come to the participation table willingly. And when leaving let everybody be satisfied with what he is leaving with. This will make sure that total willing co-operation exists between all parties to the project called Egypt. If the Egyptian authorities can look for and find all the ingredients you have read here then they will very well be on their way to creating the Egypt of every Egyptians dream; A stable and progressive Egypt.