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How to Call Angola from US and Other Countries.



Calling Angola from abroad can become a necessity for several reasons. You might be an Angolan working and residing abroad that wishes to call home to find out how your folks are doing. You might be a foreigner that has a business in Angola and wants to call to find out the measure of progress. Whichever applies to you, calling Angola has become a necessity. To make such calls you must know how to call Angola from US or anywhere else abroad. The procedure for calling is pretty much the same whether you are calling a mobile phone or a landline. Here are steps to make sure you are making that communication to Angola from anywhere around the globe.

Access Code

First you will need to know the international access code of the country you are calling from. This is sometimes called the exit code. All countries of the world have their own specific international phone access codes. For the US as an example it is +11. So if you are calling Angola from the US, these will be the first digits you will enter.

Country Code

Next is the country code of the country you are placing the call to. Every nation of the world has its own specific country code that has been assigned to it for incoming calls into that country. Since you are talking about Angola, 244 is its country code for international calls. So as in your example, if you are calling from the US, after the international access code you will add the country code and it will look like this. +11(Access Code) 244(Country Code).

Area Code

After the country code, you now need to input the area code of the area you are calling within the country. Every country has specific area codes for areas within the country. For example, the area code for Luanda in Angola is 22. So for your call from the US, you would add that and it will now look like this. +11(Access Code) 244(Country Code) 22(Luanda Area Code).

Recipient’s Number

This is the last in the chain. The final recipient you are calling could be using either a mobile phone or a landline. Whichever it is, these are the last set of digits you are going to enter in the chain. In Angola, cellular numbers come in nine digits. So for your example you are going to have a chain of numbers that look like this. +11(Access Code) 244(Country Code) 22(Luanda Area Code) xxxxxxxxx(Recipients Number).

You have used the US as an example but the procedure is the same whatever country you are calling Angola from. The only difference is the international access code of the country you are calling from that you will need to change. Whatever the need makes calling Angola from abroad become a necessity for you, just follow these steps and you will be communicating with Angola in no time. If you have followed the steps correctly, your number set for a call to Luanda should look like this. +1124422(Recipient/Landline Number).