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Economy Diversification Not achievable without Science and Technology: Onu



Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology said in Abuja yesterday that it was not possible to achieve economy diversification with the use of science, technology and innovation. The Minister made this statement while addressing Mr. Alhassan Hamman, the Commissioner of Science and Technology in Taraba State.

Dr. Onu urged the state government to establish the ministry of science and technology in their respective states.

The minister was of the view that the growth and diversification of the state’s economy from its current mono-product economy can be fast-tracked with the application of science utilizing both indigenous and foreign technologies.

He made his point clear by alluding to China and India which according him moved to their current development level out of their poverty level by applying science, technology and innovation. Dr. Onu labelled the neglect of the sector by the previous administration a mistake. The present economic and social challenges according to the minister is the price for such a mistake.

The minister urged all the states in the country to follow the example of Taraba State by establishing the ministry of science and technology.  According to him the solution to the country’s economic problem is the harnessing of the abundant natural resources with which the country is blessed with through the application of scientific research and innovation.

He mentioned how the 1976 science policy was reviewed completely by the federal government in order to take care of the diverse natural endowment of the country utilizing the research institutes of the country as driver of harnessing the rich natural resources of the country.

Onu promised that the ministry will partner with the ministry of science and technology in Taraba states and those of other states in job creation, economy development and revenue generation in the country.

The Taraba State commissioner for science and technology told pressmen that his aim of coming to Abuja was to take advantage of the experience of the minister and ministry in order to grow the state’s ministry of science and technology that was newly created.