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African Union to Help Nigeria to Become the Centre of Science and Technology



Dr. Tunji Asaolu, the Chairperson of the Social Affairs and Health at the African Union has pledged the support of the union in making Nigeria the main centre of science and technology. He made this pledge during a meeting the officials of AU had in Abuja with the Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology. Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

While speaking to the meeting, Onu called on African leaders to fight poverty among their people by harnessing the potentials of the technology sector.

The Minister expressed his disappointments with the failure of the region to create jobs and grow regional economy with science and technology. He denounced the underdevelopment of science and technology in Africa.

Africa as a continent is lagging behind in the area of science and technology. Despite being blessed with huge human population and natural resources, many African countries are still grappling with the challenges of providing sufficient electricity which is required to develop other aspects of technology.

Nigeria in particular has not been able to increase its electricity generation capacity to 10,000 megawatts. Given its teeming population, the amount of electricity generated by the country is not sufficient to ensure stable power supply to more than 160 million people living in the country.

Onu mentioned that the technology sector provides great business opportunities to the country. The sector according to the Minister will eliminate poverty in the continent and create more jobs given the enormous business opportunities it provides.