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Don Jazzy backs Out of Bet with Davido

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It should be recalled that Don Jazzy with twitter handle, @DONJAZZY, called out Davido @iam_Davido by claiming he would beat him in a FIFA 15 game.

Not known for backing down to such fights, Davido made it more interesting by placing a bet of $10,000. Feeling like a cocky FIFA 15 boss, Don Jazzy raised the bet to N5 million each with winner banking a whooping N10 million.

Don Jazzy has come out to say he won’t be placing a bet again. According to his, his fans – whom he loves so dearly – advised on better things to do with the cash.

While some are thankful for his withdrawal, some are actually in support of his bet. For a select few, they believed Don Jazzy chickened out because he realized he was going to get beat.
Don Jazzy Tweet
Whichever it is, Don Jazzy sure knows how to make Twitter go buzz, once in a while.