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Covid-19 Palliative: My father is not Nigeria’s problem – Zahra Buhari

Valentine Chinyem



Zahra Buhari-Indimi, one of the daughters of President Muhammadu Buhari, has said her father is not the problem of Nigeria.

This is sequel to the discovery of food items and other COVID-19 palliatives in several warehouses across the country.

Zahra stated this in an Instagram post on Sunday.

She wrote, “Now that people confirmed that Buhari distributed enough palliatives nationwide, it is clear Buhari is not our problem.”

Angry youths, following the murder of some of some #EndSARS protesters, took to the streets, attacking attacking warehouses where COVID-19 COVID-19 palliatives are stored in several states. The youths also committed arson in some states.

Warehouses in the federal capital, as well as Lagos, Plateau, Osun, and Kwara, Ekiti, Cross River, and few other states have been attacked and looted.

Recall that in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak in the country, palliatives were donated by the private sector-led Coalition Against COVID-19 to be distributed to the citizen, to cushion the effects of the pandemic following the lockdown declared by the government, however, this items remain stored in various warehouses across the country.