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Northern Muslims saying ‘Happy Christmas’ but killing, maiming Christians — Bishop Kukah



Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has said condemned the incessant attacks on Christians in the North.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be wishing Christians in Nigeria merry Christmas when under his watch, Christians are living in fear in Northern Nigeria.

The cleric said this during an interview with ARISE TV on Monday morning.

Asked about development on the trial of the killers of Deborah Samuel, a student murdered and set ablaze by a extremists in Sokoto over a blasphemy claim, Mr Kukah stated, “The governor (Aminu Tambuwal) simply announced that these people who did this were going to be tried. How could that provoke young people to go and start destroying the properties of Christians? These things were done openly.”

The Catholic leader added, “When a president (Muhammadu Buhari) wants to wish me happy Christmas, I need to hear him say nobody should lose their lives because somebody stands up somewhere and says he wants to defend his religion. Christians have remained vulnerable. Their businesses remain objects of target practice.”

The Catholic cleric decried apparent Muslim youths protesting against the arrest of Ms Deborah’s alleged killers for attacking his diocese and destroying properties.

“So when people tell me we are wishing you (a) happy Christmas, we need you to walk the talk. Christians living in northern Nigeria are living in fear despite our massive contribution to economic well-being and (and we’re) law-abiding because we don’t know what will happen next,” said Mr Kukah.

He further lamented that “I’m sitting here in Sokoto. My parishioners are moving out in droves. Everyone is tired.”